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QNAP reverse proxy solves the problem of Docker not supporting IPv6.

Originally set up an Emby for the convenience of the elderly to watch TV. It was always on the local network without any problems. Recently, due to some reasons, it needs to be moved to another location. Considering that mobile supports IPv6, it was thought to be more convenient. However, it was found that the IPv6 + port of DDNS cannot be accessed.

After troubleshooting various mappings and ports, the Emby backend and directly entering IPv6 could not solve the problem. Finally, it was found that the port only mapped TCP4, and QNAP's Container Station and Virtual Switch do not support enabling V6 mapping within Docker. Originally planned to use HAProxy or socat for forwarding, but finally temporarily solved it through QNAP's built-in reverse proxy.

Open QNAP's control panel and find the proxy service settings, switch to the reverse proxy tab, and add it. The domain name can use DDNS, and the target should be set to localhost. The port can be set as desired.

  • Control panel settings
  • Detailed settings for adding
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