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This site's articles can be reproduced and licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The principle is to write something of my own to record, and you can subscribe to the full text~ Mainly focus on biotechnology and computer network technology, and book reviews.

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molezz blog started writing in 2005 (the record number starts with 05..), it has been several years. It started mainly on the space I bought at I want to settle down. After all, 10 yuan php was the cheapest at that time. Because MySQL was too expensive, I was looking for a php+txt blog program. Finally, I chose bo-blog. It worked quite well. That's what I call molezz blog 1.0...... Later, bo-blog upgraded to 2.0 and started using popular MySQL, so I had to buy MySQL space and upgrade to MySQL+php's bo-blog 2.0. At the same time, I bought a domain name Since then, it has been running stably until 2009...

After 2009, bo-blog was basically no longer updated, and I was very annoyed by spam comments and so on, and I was itching to use wordpress.... After all, there are many applications about wordpress in the RSS updates every few days, so in April 2009, I decided to switch to the blog program wordpress.... After successfully installing and running wordpress, I was planning to study it well... But it happened that I want to settle down had a big paralysis, so I decided to invest money and bought a new domain name and space for meyu... The move was successful, and the era of molezz blog 3.0 officially began.... It's called molezz BAR,..... In addition, and both point to molezz BAR at the same time. The previous 2.0 era is placed on In June 2009, after trying a month of domestic space... I moved to US space and quit the meyu space, mainly because of the price. And points to the site established on 72pines, mainly for English writing. Due to the recent instability of 72pines, I also directly moved to foreign space.

In May 2010, due to account suspension issues with geeky host, I decided to move to burst vps, purchased through Laoxue Host, the price is slightly cheaper than the official website. Using vps, on the one hand, it exercises my Linux usage experience, and on the other hand, it is more free. I can set the services I need and bind the domain names freely. I set up my own ssh, and sftp transmission is also very secure. In addition, because nginx is installed, it is convenient to set up proxies. With the combination of command line, scripts, and crond, backups are much more convenient. Although the price of vps is much higher than that of virtual hosting, it is worth it~

In May 2016, the space was moved to my Raspberry Pi 2, using ngrok and ssh -R technology to bypass the port 80 restriction. Raspberry Pi 2 consumes less power, but vps is still necessary.

In March 2020, it was moved back to vps and switched to WordPress. In June 2020, when the budgetvps expired, considering that the IP had been blocked all the time and could not be changed, I switched to a Russian host, which cost more than 100 rubles a year, with v4 and v6. The first assigned IP cannot be accessed, so I changed it myself. The speed is relatively slow.

In December 2020, it was migrated to Typecho using plugins, making it lightweight.
In 2021, it was transferred to the N1 box. The Raspberry Pi was broken, and then it was transferred to Oracle Cloud. Docker-compose method was used. (Chinese, United States) (Closed)

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